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A Fair Deal for Children- our Liberal Democrat Education manifesto pledge for childhood and beyond

by Jackie Porter on 28 February, 2024

Why we need a Fair Deal for Education 
Education is key to unlocking the potential of every child, but it has faced enormous strain in recent years. 

The Covid pandemic did huge damage to children’s learning and mental health. Schools are crumbling and pupils’ learning is being disrupted. 

The Conservatives have neglected schools. Their reckless cuts and teacher shortages have let children and parents down. 

We will invest in education through childhood and beyond, to give everyone the skills and confidence they need to thrive. 
A silhouette of a child reading a book under a tree.
Giving children the best start in life 
We have a comprehensive plan to restore the education system, ensuring it works for both children and parents. 

We will: 

✅ Increase per-pupil school and college funding above the rate of inflation every year. 

✅ Invest in new school and college buildings and clear the backlog of repairs. 

✅ Extend free school meals to all children in poverty. 

✅ Put a dedicated, qualified mental health professional in every school so all children and parents can access support. We’ve already taken steps to achieve this, with Munira Wilson MP submitting her Schools’ Mental Health Bill in January. 

✅ Tackle the crisis in special educational needs provision by giving additional funding to local authorities, reducing the amount schools pay towards a child’s Education Health and Care Plan. 

✅ Appoint a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young Peopleso they are made a government priority. 

To truly support children, we must also support parents by offering flexible working to balance work and home life. We will: 

✅ Ensure that all parents can access childcare that is flexible, affordable and fair. To do so, we will review the rates paid to providers for free hours, ensuring they cover the actual costs of high quality childcare and early years education. 
Adults take notes and listen during a class.
Lifelong learning
Our education reforms go beyond school, to include higher education and beyond. Education and training should not be confined to young people; it should be a lifelong pursuit so everyone can reach their full potential. 

We will: 

✅ Reinstate maintenance grants for disadvantaged studentsso living costs can never be a barrier to studying at university. 

✅ Create new ‘Skills Wallets’, giving all adults £10,000 to spend on education and training throughout their lives. 

✅ Expand opportunities for young people to study, teach and volunteer abroad by rejoining the Erasmus Plus programme as an associated country. 
That’s the fair deal for education, children and young people that we’ll be fighting for at the General Election. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of our Fair Deal series – coming to your inbox soon! 

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