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Bus updates

From Autumn 2011, the 64 bus will merge with the 67, and travel between Alresford and Winchester along the B3047 every two hours, but not on Sundays. There will not be any service on the 64 between Old Alresford and Alresford.

After Alresford the bus will travel through to Petersfield

The 64X will travel between Alton and Winchester through Alresford twice every hour : much better than the old service

To cover the residential areas of Alresford covered by the old 64, extra bus stops will be added on to the 67 and 64X bus routes. I will be working with HCC officers to try to cover all the bus stops that they can by this method

So what of the service for Old Alresford?

There will be a CANGO bus service which will be running six days a week, and an extra 240 service too. More details to follow