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HCC Consultation starts today :Proposals for cuts to current services in 13 different areas of the County Council’s budget.

by Jackie Porter on 8 January, 2024

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Dear All

As the first snowflakes fall, you might want to go onto the County Future Services consultation which includes proposals to reduce spending on 13 different areas of the HCC budget, in line with their statements on the challenging budget for 24/25. 

These subject areas include reducing the gritting, snow clearance etc carried out by Highways Winter service (cutting Priority 1 on school roads and bus service routes for gritting/snow clearance for example) , and proposing further cuts and possible closure of the HWRC site in Alresford.

The consultation opened today, 8th Jan and continues until the 31st March, and includes savings proposals for 13 different areas of Council spending, including cutting subsidies to bus services, increasing costs of Adult Social Care, reducing the recycling capability of residents, cutting street lighting levels and many more for consideration. 

If you want to spend a little more time indoors today, what better thing to do than complete the consultation?!

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The good news is, you don’t have to answer every area, just those you that are of interest to you!

The 13 areas of consultation are:-

  1. Adult Social Care changes (contribution changes from 95% of income to 100%)
  2. Adult Social Care grant schemes (withdrawal of grants to Voluntary Services, and Citiizens Advice and Local Solutions Grant)
  3. Competitive (one off ) grant schemes (withdrawl of three grant schemes)
  4. Hampshire Cultural Trust grant (reduce £’s to manage and deliver culture/arts)
  5. Highways Maintenance (reduction of)
  6. Highways Winter service (reduction in priority one routes) 
  7. Homelessness  Support services (stop this as HCC not a housing authority)
  8. Household Waste Recycling Centres (-running on a reduced budget resulting in less hours of opening, possible closure)
  9. Library stock (reduction of purchase of new library stock in book and/or digital form)
  10. Passenger Transport (withdrawal of all funding for community transport schemes, supported bus routes, concessionary travel hours and school transport offer) 
  11. Rural Countryside Parking (charging for parking at countryside sites)
  12. School Crossing Patrols (to decide how to withdraw funding from each SCP site)  
  13. Street Lighting (To dim street lights further and switch off for additional 2 hours.)

2 Responses

  1. Charlene Carvalho says:

    I would like to see the introduction of pay and display parking in Alresford to offset the costs incurred by inflation. This would involve 30min free parking (to allow residents to enjoy the high street) and then £2/h parking thereafter.

    There should also be consideration of charging 20p for use of the public toilets on Station Road.

    The town does not currently take advantage of being a tourist hotspot. In this day and age, there are a few examples of similar towns not charging for parking services.

  2. Tina Howes says:

    The recycling centre is an important part of community life.

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