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Please pass on to friends and relations who are not now living in the UK….

by Jackie Porter on 14 December, 2023

New voting rights for millions of Britons abroad are nearly here!

The UK Government has published detailed regulations giving back the vote in general elections to Britons living abroad for over 15 years. The new rules come into effect early next year. Take action now to prepare.

1. If you’re a British citizen who’s lived abroad more than 15 years, start collecting paperwork – proof of identity and evidence of your last place of residence or of voter registration in the UK.

2. If you’ve lived abroad less than 15 years and your current voter registration has expired, avoid the rush in January and re-register now at

3. Start thinking about who to nominate in the UK as your proxy to avoid problems with postal system delays.

4. Sign up to our overseas voters mailing list to keep informed about news on when and how to claim the right to vote.

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