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Voters sometimes say that they never hear the Lib Dem view on or in the media….but our opinions are clear! This is a quick round up of from our MP’s on ‘Queen’s Speech’ day

by Jackie Porter on 11 May, 2022

Ed Davey was up bright and early this morning to talk to BBC Breakfast and Sky News about the lack of support for families feeling the brunt of the cost of living crisis in the Queen’s Speech.

Daisy Cooper spoke to Andrew Marr on LBC about our focus on winning seats off the Conservatives at the next general election.

Christine Jardine was on LBC’s Cross Questions and highlighted our calls for an emergency budget to help cut taxes for families who are struggling. Her remarks about the need for an emergency budget were also covered in the Mirror this morning.

Tim Farron has criticised the lack of support for rural communities in the Queen’s Speech, particularly around Second Homes. ITV Cumbria has the story.

Wendy Chamberlain appeared live from Parliament on the BBC to give initial reaction to the Queen’s Speech, raising concerns about just how little was in it. She later spoke to Times Radio and Sky News about our concerns.

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