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It’s a simple message: this is an #Unfairgovt

by Jackie Porter on 17 August, 2020

Young people have had a hard year; the heartless way in which the Govt has dealt with exams results has made it even harder
Universities who made offers know the potential of young people; by not accepting them they are reinforcing the social injustices of the system. They should use the removal of the numbers cap to make offers now (as Wadham has!)
Liberal Democrats demand that the Algorithm used for A-Levels and GCSEs should be scrapped

The exams regulator has removed and is reviewing its guidance on how to appeal A-level and GCSE grades using mock exam results, just hours after publishing it.  Young people are being let down. The confusion and uncertainty emanating from the Government is only making the situation worse.

There has been mistake after mistake after mistake with Gavin Williamson over the last few of months.

The algorithm used for A-Level grades has clearly not worked and therefore should be scrapped with teacher grades used instead.
The latest news from Ofqual is further proof that we need to go back to relying on centre assessed grades. With GCSE results looming, the Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to use teachers’ grades too.

Boris Johnson has always promoted loyalty over competence. To claw back some public confidence, Gavin Williamson must go and the Prime Minister must cancel his holiday and come back to listen to pupils, parents and teachers.
Young people need clarity NOW and only the #UnfairGovt can CHANGE THE SYSTEM before more young people have their futures stolen.
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