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They work for you…

by Jackie Porter on 5 December, 2018

I recommend receiving a regular update from the service:  ‘They work for you’.

It keeps you informed dispassionately and honestly about the views of your MP.

This is an extract of today’s email, describing how our MP actually voted on the crucial day that Government was defeated three times:-

(i.e. as Mrs May would like)

speaker:Steve Brine : 3 votes

Privilege (Withdrawal Agreement: Legal Advice) (4 Dec 2018)
Voted to refer to the Committee of Privileges the question of whether
the Government’s response fulfils the motion passed on 13 November
2018 (division no. 272; result was 304 yes, 311 no)

Privilege (Withdrawal Agreement: Legal Advice) (4 Dec 2018)
Voted against finding Ministers in contempt for their failure to publish
the final and full legal advice concerning the EU Withdrawal Agreement,
and against ordering its immediate publication (division no. 273; result
was 311 yes, 292 no)

Privilege (Withdrawal Agreement: Legal Advice) – Business of the House (European Union (Withdrawal) Act) (4 Dec 2018)
Voted not to allow amendments on any motion made by the Government under
section 13 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (division no.
274; result was 319 yes, 298 no)


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