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Heathrow result ‘disappointing yet predictable’

by Jackie Porter on 26 June, 2018

Vince Cable: Heathrow result ‘disappointing yet predictable’

Responding to the House of Commons vote in favour of Heathrow expansion, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

“This result is disappointing yet predictable. But how is Heathrow is going to deliver the expansion? There are big questions over financing of both the company and the infrastructure to the extent that I suspect the expansion will never happen.
“Residents under the flight path in my constituency will demand to know how Heathrow will deal with the problems of ‘noise sewers’ created by concentrating air traffic.”


Jackie says,’ I know it may look on the surface as if England needs more air traffic but I am convinced that the country doesn’t need pollution over a very tightly packed community, and longer haul flights are reducing the necessity of this proposal too.

Even locally, we suffer from the congestion that it provides on feeder roads like the M25 and the M3, and the planes that constantly fly overhead in this constituency, along the M3 corridor.I am amazed that our MP has said nothing about this.

This decision was made when England was going to be the commercial centre- but with Brexit looming, that’s hardly likely to be the case. The public will end up footing the bill (e.g. the NHS) for a commercial company again.’

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