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Councils need more money to do the right things for SEND pupils- not just a one off sum

by Jackie Porter on 1 June, 2018

In this PSE article, leading councillors warn that the SEND shortage of funding is critical to the delivery of SEND education, and a one off sum isn’t good enough because the level of need is rising.
I agree: the schools’ budgets are tight enough and the extra demands placed upon them by SEND provision is completely necessary but risks the school becoming unviable, as the first £6000 for each pupil has to be absorbed by the school.Special school places are at a premium, and so many are full. Parents have a choice but increasingly mainstream say they just cannot accommodate their needs-sometimes stating ‘safety reasons’. This is not good enough. Today Layla Moran asked other parties to support an injection of revenue into schools’ budgets as numbers of pulls rise and the new minimum wage rises kick in.

Mainstream schools are facing real financial pressures-and SEND pupils may miss out as a result.

Public Sector Executive article

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