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Cart and Horses update

by Jackie Porter on 22 September, 2017

After a long summer of waiting the new plans for the junction were confirmed at the Executive Member’s Decision Day on September 19th.

Our local deputees, Jill Prince and David Learmonth had asked for a meeting with Cllr Humby several times earlier, but that hadn’t materialised so I went with our MP to see Cllr Rob Humby and the HCC team to look at the plans just before the Decision Day papers were published.

I say ‘look at’ rather than ‘discuss’ because in reality, the discussions don’t bring about much change to the paper.(…although I remain hopeful for the future)

There are three good things to come out of this proposal

  1. The paper formally proposed the advertising of a new lower speed limit of 40mph through the junction. We did it- the petition showed the strength of feeling and it worked!
  2. The paper suggested lighting the junction- though this will need consultation too, with neighbouring properties and with the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA)
  3. Once electricity is installed at the junction, then a CCTV camera will be placed there to observe traffic movements to inform any future changes.

Four other things came from it.

  1. The principle of no right turn south has been abandoned-at least until the CCTV results are seen
  2. The audit made suggestions of traffic islands and allowing left turn traffic to do so independently of right turn traffic.
  3. Our request for consideration of a STOP line on the side junctions to show priority was accepted.
  4. Consider again the No U-Turn idea

The costs for these works will come out of the HCC Casualty Reduction budget but at the Decision Day Meeting I argued the case that: for the amount spent here, wouldn’t it have been easier just to put in a roundabout?

I, and my fellow councillors know that you want a different layout completely- a roundabout or a staggered junction, and there is room there, but all requests are in vaunt the moment I’m afraid

My argument for change? With traffic growing as Barton Farm is built and the new Worthys homes come online, the congestion here can only get worse.

Congestion leads to frustration and then to danger.

And still the priority is argued about in the pub, in the shop and …at every meeting I attend!

So, as I said (as reported in the Chronicle), I will not stop campaigning until residents feel they have a safe junction here. It affects so much of my Itchen Valley division

Interestingly, as I came home after the meeting, what did I see? A huge container type lorry making a U Turn at the eastbound side from the A33/B3047.

All traffic had to come a halt whilst he jiggled back and forth to make the move. It took so long, I had time to stop, get out my camera and take this picture…





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  1. orangesegments says:

    Thank you for continuing to argue the case for a roundabout at the Cart and Horses.

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