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Small business owners still waiting for clarity on business rates from Conservatives

by Jackie Porter on 30 May, 2017

With the general election just nine days away, the Conservatives have still not told small firms if they will receive business rates relief – despite promises by Sajid Javid that he would confirm details before the general election.

The Liberal Democrats announced in their manifesto they would review business rates to reduce burdens on small firms, and make small and medium-sized businesses the priority for any future business rate cuts.

Liberal Democrat Business spokesperson Susan Kramer said:

“The Conservatives used to call themselves the party of business, but their failure to provide the relief to small business owners that they promised shows they just don’t care.

“Theresa May was dishonest about whether she was going to call an election and now she isn’t playing straight with small businesses.

“It is time that Theresa May comes clean over what pain the Conservative Party plan to cause to small businesses.

Jackie Porter says,’ Local small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities- for income, employment and growth. These businesses need clarity, and even a small step up to support them really helps. They want to know they will be a getting a better MP for a better future.I understand that these businesses need our help and I’m determined to do that’

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