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Many of you are asking about my opinion of the aims of Compassion in World Farming…

by Jackie Porter on 22 May, 2017

Many people have contacted me to ask my opinion and seek my support of the aims of Compassion in World Farming. This is my reply…

Thank you for bringing the Good Food Act and the aims of Compassion in World Farming to my attention.
This is important to me too.

We have a field and a farmer brings his beef cattle on to our field twice a year to graze.
I value their state of health, and the fact that we have ‘working’ animals on the land bringing food to the table, via the supermarket. I know they are treated humanely as they become meat on our tables.

I am able to support these policy suggestions and will work towards realising them.
You can see more about the Lib Dems manifesto at
If you have any more comments or questions, please contact me again.

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