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Campaign Website Launched

by Jackie Porter on 18 May, 2017

We have launched a new website for my general election campaign: Jackie Porter for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford (the address is http://www.jackieporter.co.uk ). We’ll keep that updated with the latest from the campaign!

Campaign Website

I will continue to write here as well. It’s going to be a busy few weeks as I talk to as many residents of Winchester and Chandler’s Ford as I possible can, listen to their issues and hopes and fears, and explain why I think they would be best served by having me represent them in Westminster.

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  1. Lupita W. says:

    Dear Mrs Porter,

    Can you tell me how could you make respect my rights ?
    What exactly are your proposals to contribute to our community?
    When you become member of parliament will still seeing for the welfare of old people who are vulnerable in addition that they have played their role contributing to the economy of this country?…
    Will you support and speak on their behalf for not to have to sell their properties in order to pay for their treatment?
    Will you do your best to stop injustice and discrimination?

    Last May l gave my vote to the Liberal Dem, but l would like to know how the future government intent to help people in the United Kingdom and listening our claims..,.,

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