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Jackie’s County Corner for May 2022

by Jackie Porter on 2 May, 2022

Many of us are preparing for the Jubilee celebrations in June. The County Council grant scheme is starting a little earlier this year to allow organisers to seek a grant if you are still short of funds to ensure that all events are as inclusive as possible. Contact me for details (07973 696085) or go to Grants on

As I write, just over 1500 Ukrainian refugees are settling in Hampshire under the Sponsorship or Family schemes. If you are hosting a family or they are on their way, you are most likely to be connected into one of the local contact groups. Hampshire County Council is offering funds to support these groups. Libraries and schools can help too. Go to to see a link from the front page of the website.

As Councillors, we also have our own email query link, so if your family is struggling to support with finance and schooling etc, I will do my best to help. 

You will probably know that many residents were interested in re-opening Cornerways. The County Council is adamant that it isn’t suitable, and won’t entertain even trying. I am assured that plans for the site are afoot, but this isn’t the first year that I’ve heard that!

Kings Barton residents are finally reconnected with Headbourne Worthy again under the Wellhouse Lane bridge. After a long closure, the traffic lights are set up so that they stay on red unless a car approaches one side when it turns green or a pedestrian or cyclist presses the button which stops all motorised traffic..  It isn’t a race: there’s plenty of time to get through by foot, bike or car, and can I remind everyone that the 30mph speed limit is still valid? 

In April I had a work experience student with me for two weeks.  Alex took his part in ‘watching for the dye’ tests in the Itchen. Sitting alongside it looking so ‘gin clear’, it is hard to imagine how precious are these chalk streams , and it is vital that we know exactly where the water flows, and that it won’t be contaminated by sewage here again. Thanks to the volunteers, repairs needed to the waterpipes were identified. 

We also talked about Walk to School week from the 16th May. Children are encouraged to walk to school, and think about their journeys. If you live further away, maybe you could try walking from a Park and Stride site. You can stride from Eversley Park, and the path from 1a to Kings Barton school should be open by then. 

If you want to go even greener that week, you can try giving up plastics too!  Go to to join in.

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