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Interactive map shows local Covid-19 cases remain low-but please continue to take care

by Jackie Porter on 6 October, 2020

Many people ask- exactly how many cases of Covid-19 in our area?

This interactive map shows number of cases within a specific time period.

It is a credit to the public living and working in our area that the numbers here are so low- but please continue to take care as numbers are rising slowly, slightly, but steadily within Hampshire at present.

Don’t forget the ‘rule of 6’ people in your household, cover your face to protect yourself and others, and keep a safe distance between you as you converse and meet.

The website has an interactive section on the front page. You can see more detail about Winchester district by scrolling down the areas to the bottom (because Winchester is close to the end of the alphabet!)

The graphs show the initial dramatic rise of the Spring and then the gradual increase in the cumulative number as we approach the Autumn . It’s been a hard six months-and I’m afraid that we must all continue to be vigilant this Winter if we want to avoid another lockdown and keep healthy.

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