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Johnson’s speech offers no green recovery plan and no help for vulnerable people

by Jackie Porter on 2 July, 2020

Responding to the Prime Minister’s speech Ed Davey, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats said:

“Many people have been waiting to hear from the Prime Minister about how we deal with the challenges we face, but all we saw was a lot of Boris bluster.

“The Prime Minister says he will “build build build” but all his government is building is a wrecking ball for our economy as he recklessly pursues Brexit at all costs. 

“Johnson promised a green recovery from the pandemic, but as usual his promises are meaningless. We’re seeing yet more mass investment in road building rather than in new infrastructure for cycling, and the construction of new homes without also tackling our existing draughty houses.

“Liberal Democrats will continue to hold this government to account, to campaign for more support for the vulnerable in our society and for a £150 billion Green Recovery Plan.”

Jackie Porter says, ‘Real change in our communities can only be achieved by working with each community individually. Finding a solution to support the economy right across the whole country is essential: every job lost is a tragedy for the person concerned. For families ‘on the edge’ the Covid 19 crisis has been ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ and specifically, we need to work with those residents to see how we can improve their resilience should another wave of this terrible disease comes through.’

But today (2nd July) we do have news of the local funding- good news at last!
Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership has received a £13.3 million share of the government’s £900 million “Getting Building Fund” to help ‘shovel ready’ projects galvanise economic recovery and growth. Winchester City Council hopes to secure some of this funding as we have submitted ‘shovel ready schemes’ to the M3 LEP .

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