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M3 Local enterprise Partnership says Boris Sunday Announcement is not helpful

by Jackie Porter on 11 May, 2020,C681,1OXHVB,1CZGG,1

After the deeply unhelpful announcement by Boris last night, the Business Community is reeling with the uncertainty that its brings for both bosses and workers.

It is ridiculous to announce there WILL be a 50 PAGE document coming out just 24 hours before businesses are supposed to provide safe spaces to work.

This Government is losing its grip on the crisis. By leaving everything to the last minute, it has failed to realise that it has hampered our local network and hampered its resilience too. Local authorities cannot do what they do best- work with local communities to deliver employment, housing, safe environments and spaces for residents to exercise. And the County Council is strapped for cash to deliver high quality safeguarding for children and adults who need it- in the form of care and social work contact.

I do not think Boris has any idea what it’s like to teach a 4 year old child or to run a nursery on the pitiful sum provided by the Government funding. If Ministers don’t get a grip on understanding the childcare issues, pre school and nursery businesses will fold and teachers will refuse to teach smaller children. This ‘Eton’ group in government just don’t understand what real life is like for many. They need to listen to the lived experiences of the working people of this nation. NOW!

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