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Lib Dems help you to offer support in times of crisis

by Jackie Porter on 19 March, 2020

I am a great supporter of the NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) For example, this week they sent out very useful advice for Trustees who are trying to work out how to continue working safely whilst keeping our charities afloat and supporting the people for whom we are working.

So I am really pleased that locally, we Lib Dems  are joining up with the national Coronavirus Community Taskforce

Liberal Democrats in Winchester have joined the taskforce to help coordinate the network of councillors, members and activists in the community to ensure the most vulnerable are being supported during the coronavirus crisis.
The taskforce, which is part of a national initiative by the Liberal Democrat Party, will help coordinate Liberal Democrat councillors’, members’, activists’ and supporters’ response to the coronavirus crisis to to ensure all those self-isolating, especially the vulnerable and elderly, get the support they need.

As well as helping people with basic supplies, the network of volunteers will help share best practice and the best ideas and ensure those in their communities are able to follow the guidance being put forward.

The Coronavirus Community Taskforce will be chaired by Sir Stuart Etherington, the former Chief executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organisation.

Jackie says,: 

“As the Coronavirus crisis continues, people are rightly concerned about their family, friends and loved ones. Businesses still don’t think the package offered will help them to survive the next few months and many fear not only getting ill, but also losing their home, business or bankruptcy.

Even more people are keen to do something to help.

“This crisis is leaving the most vulnerable in our communities at risk and we are determined to do what we can to help them. We are doing our best to keep information flowing between local groups and the Council but a national taskforce (chaired by such an experienced person as Sir Stuart) will give local councillors and MP’s confidence when supporting communities
“That is why we Lib Dems in Winchesterare joining the Coronavirus Community Taskforce. This will coordinate and enable us to tap into the national network to ensure that those who are in the most need get support.

Following the announcement, Liberal Democrat Acting Leader Ed Davey said:
“We are in an unprecedented situation and we believe that the Liberal Democrats, with our strong and historic links to local activism and community politics, have a wealth of knowledge and unique ability to go into our communities and offer support. This will be scaling up of what Liberal Democrats do – day in, day out – helping the most vulnerable in our communities.
“I’m delighted Sir Stuart Etherington (recently retired from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations-NCVO) has agreed to chair this new taskforce for our party. He brings huge knowledge, experience and expertise to help guide our work.
“We must do everything we can to support our communities during the crisis. Each and every one us needs to do what we can during this difficult time and I am proud to say that the Liberal Democrats will step up and take that role very seriously.”

Chair of the Coronavirus Community Taskforce, Sir Stuart Etherington, said:

“It is critical that vulnerable people in our communities receive the support they need. It will be communities themselves that have to respond to take the pressure off our excellent but hard pressed statutory services.

“It’s time for the altruistic instincts of volunteers to play their part and I’m pleased to assist this welcome Liberal Democrat initiative.” 

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