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Covid 19- Information updates and help available

by Jackie Porter on 19 March, 2020

What uncertain times we are in. Many of you have kindly offered to help where you can, but many too are worried about the future and what it will bring. I write this on the 19th March, conscious that you might be reading this later. As every day’s 5pm announcement comes, the situation changes so I am directing you to the most recent news from our two councils here.

Following yesterday’s announcement to close schools for all but the more vulnerable children, another layer of complication has set in- childcare- stop work or go to grandparents? What a dilemma?

The County Council is the leader for Emergency Planning.They update their website every day, and chair the Local Resilience Forum which operates with Emergency Services, District Councils, Community Volunteer Services and other parties who are trained to help in times of crisis. You can link to here.

The City Council is turning its energies towards essential services: bin collection, benefits payments, business support, security of housing, cleanliness of areas and buildings in their ownership (incl. public toilets) as examples.

The City Council has information online: go to for information

Where you want to help or need help for yourself or a loved one, your Parish Council or local Church may have a support group already in place. It is best to check, or ask me direct will reach me fastest. If it’s urgent, please contact me on 07973 696 085.

Please stay well- and contact me if you need personal support. I’ll do what I can.

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