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Jackie’s County Report to Parishes for November 2019

by Jackie Porter on 6 November, 2019

As the General Election ‘gun’ has now been fired, my report is very general this time and includes notice of Current Consultations

  1. Wheelabrator Consultation (second round) is in swing this month. The meeting in my division is at Victoria Hall, Sutton Scotney on the 20thNovember from 2.30 to 6.30pm
  2. The new WCC Council strategy is online at www. 
  3. SHELAA sites cause consternation across the division. I also urge you to sign up to Local Plan
  4. I have the notes from the Minerals and Waste Review meeting last month. If you would like a copy, please contact me. 
  5. The review of Flooding Strategy for Hampshire is expected to be out for consultation from Nov 12thuntil just after Christmas. I will inform you of the link asap.

The County is expecting to agree its strategy to reduce revenue costs by £80millionby April 2021 on Thursday 7thNovember. There is also a deputation on Plastic Recycling in Hampshire. 

Savings and Likely pressures on Spending include: 

  1. HCC expects to reaffirm the Council’s intention to work in partnership on Recycling and Waste Management  but has already sent WCC notice to reduce recycling credits paid back to WCC by £0.5 million: where is the spirit of co-operation here?  
  2. Last year, I asked for additional funds for Children Looked After last year- and was refused. 

It is now necessary to agree another one of payment of £4.6 million is being approved to fund the growth of ‘Children Looked After’ (children in care) due to the growing number of cases to be investigated and children to be protected. 

  • Investment of £70m in Older Persons and Younger Adults Extra Care to be approved to provide high quality living environments, and ultimately reduce cost of care. This is good news! 

There are extensive reductions outlined in the Council’s appendix pages and the impacts of detailed proposals from p147 of the Council’s report. One example is the change of Practice in supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities, leading to a cost reduction of 7% (£2m) . A number of these proposals will  go through consultations but all are expected to take place by 2021.

You can read the paper on the website or watch the debate on TV on Council Day (7thNovember)  and for 6 months afterwards. Go to the ‘Your Council’ icon, and follow links. 

I am able to refer people to the Food Bank, and do so from time to time.

Contact me if you are concerned about someone who may need help. Please be aware that there is also now a Healthy Start Voucher (plus a vitamins voucher)  for children (from 10weeks into pregnancy until 4 years old) whose families receive financial support or benefits of any type from the Government, and  which mums can get from their Doctor/ health Visitor or Midwife. Voucher value ranges from £3.10 to £6.20 per child per week, according to age.

Citizens Advice would appreciate your support.A locally funded charity, it does amazing work. Please consider the value of their support for your community in your 2020-21 budgets. Thank you.

Finally, Good news: The Watercress Way has just received notice from HCC of the opening up of two lengths of the old line that were previously not on the footpath network. This is a good result for 2019, and wouldn’t have happened if Trustees hadn’t taken up the cause. I look forward to giving you more news in 2020!

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