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As March 29th gets closer, the real price to individuals is emerging..

by Jackie Porter on 15 February, 2019

The impact of importing European medicines and equipment is really worrying for those of us who have Diabetes.

The only way is to go back to the people….

Diabetes UK and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) have put out a joint press release on their concerns. They say:

With just a matter of weeks between now and 29th March and, despite reaching out directly to the Department of Health and Social Care in December, we still have not seen the concrete detail needed to reassure us – or people with diabetes – that the UK Government’s plans are robust enough to guarantee no impact on insulin and medicine supplies in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Jackie says,”A young member of my family has Type 1 diabetes. He use the monitor system- monthly chip in the arm, (reading it regularly helps regulate , watch and potentially cut down the amount of insulin you use.) Although agreed to be supplied by NICE, many CCG’s won’t do it because of cost, so he buys it privately. It comes through Europe, monthly. Already supply is at risk. All insulin comes from Europe too, so the supply chain is worrying. Prescriptions are now linked to specific pharmacies, so you can’t easily get it from another pharmacy. He’s worried- and so are we. One or two hours without checking could render him unable to  stand, and risk future damage.

Ordering monthly means its a risk every few weeks. You are not allowed to order more than one at once.

When-and importantly HOW is our Health Minister going to reassure Diabetes patients that all will be ok?”

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