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‘M3 closure for Brexit queues is bound to create congestion’ says Jackie

by Jackie Porter on 9 January, 2019


In a bid to solve the ports problem if (and when)  Brexit export and import becomes problematical, the proposal to use the M3 between Winchester and Basingstoke has been proposed.

A possible reason for using the M3?

The main traffic flows down the E1- or the A34 as we know it. Putting the queue on the M3 takes it off the A34 with its dreadful accident record, and frequent congestion up to Three Maids Hill..

A possible outcome?

Congestion! Lots of it! A dreadful plan for the Worthys. The link above describes the solution proposed by the Authorities- but oddly enough it doesn’t mention the real disadvantages for residents making local journeys.

I am asking questions… and praying for a better deal.

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