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Is Michael Gove going back on his promises to farmers?

by Jackie Porter on 3 January, 2019

All Gove is offering farmers is uncertainty

Responding to Michael Gove’s speech to the Oxford Farming Conference, Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael said: 

“Mr Gove is still not listening to any experts while it is clear he has forgotten the assurances he and his cronies gave the farming community during the referendum. Farmers have certainly not forgotten.

“To plan for their business properly, famers need to know how much money they’ll get, what standards they need to meet and what tariffs they need to pay. All Gove and co are offering is yet further uncertainty.

“This is a national embarrassment, and the Liberal Democrats demand better. The people must have the final say on Brexit, with the option to restore certainty and security for farmers by remaining in the EU.”

Jackie says,‘ As the new year starts and the spring is on the horizon, farmers want to know what the future holds for them-and how the UK government will be supporting them if the Brexit the Tories are seeking actually happens.  Michael Gove needs to make it clear how he will be doing this. He started talking about it over a year ago- but we still don’t know the details.’

Someone said to me the other day (summarised):

‘ I voted out because I trusted the Conservative MP’s to get it right. They have got it so wrong. If I had know that then, I wouldn’t have voted out. I’d vote to remain now.’

Lib Dem MP, Alistair Carmichael  is right.

Whether rearing cattle, sheep, producing milk, eggs or running an arable farm, our farmers need to know EXACTLY how the Government will support them.

We all demand better of our Government ministers.


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