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100 years on- what have we learned?

by Jackie Porter on 11 November, 2018

I was moved today by the Lord’s Prayer being read out in French, German as well as  English, reminding us that we are all Europeans and if we don’t ‘remember the fallen’, and act upon it, then what was it all for?

I believe that this was the inspiration of Rev Alex Pease-thank you.

There are many ways to remember those who gave their lives, but the silent, transparent silhouettes of local men  who gave their lives in war put the service into a local and personal context.

In the service, we are reminded to go out and make peace with our neighbour.

Every year, I think how I can do this in the local context -and as someone involved in local politics, this path isn’t easy.

In the national context, our neighbours are France, Germany and the rest of Europe.

There are many other continents who do not want to see peace and unity in Europe: we, as individuals and as a nation, can do something about this.

Thank you to our native French and German speakers today: you moved me to tears.We need to keep the ‘we will remember them’ in our hearts every day, more so now than ever.

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