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Europeans forced to renounce British Citizenship will be charged more by the Conservatives

by Jackie Porter on 29 May, 2018

Lib Dems: UK citizenship fee hike shockingly opportunistic

Responding to the Conservative Government’s decision to increase citizenship renunciation fees, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake, said:

“This Tory Government’s decision to hike fees to renounce UK citizenship is shockingly opportunistic.

“For British citizens forced to abandon their citizenship because of Theresa May’s reckless Brexit, this adds insult to injury.

“The renunciation of citizenship is a deeply painful decision, yet Brexit is placing many UK citizens living in EU countries in this difficult position. Their dilemma demonstrates the true cost of Brexit.

“For many, UK and EU citizenship are not mutually exclusive. It is a grave injustice that British citizens are being forced to choose between the nationality of their adoptive country or UK citizenship.”

Jackie says,’ There are Europeans in my division who are having to decide which country to belong to: with family born in the UK, the decision is hard enough, but charging more to achieve this is dreadful. It’s yet another way that this government is telling Europeans that life won’t be easy after Brexit.’

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