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Would you like a cup of tea? (now liken the same question to sex)

by Jackie Porter on 29 January, 2018

would you like a cup of tea (or sex?)

I want you to know how I will represent you. You can see the Lib Dem manifesto is a variety of accessible forms on www.libdems.org.uk

There is a lot of talk about revealing the sexual history of a complainant in ages of rape.
Harriet Harman is suggesting that if the allegation is that Mr A raped him/her, then only the information about the victim’s relationship with Mr A should be revealed, not with Mr B or Mr C.

That sounds logical, but it could be Mr A who takes one consent as consent forever.

This video, would you like a cup of tea (or sex?) we use with young people, should make it clear. If you ask someone if they’d like a cup of tea- and they say no, would you force it on them?
Watch it! It clarifies things somehow.

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