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Patients left without operations during the winter ‘crisis’.

by Jackie Porter on 6 January, 2018

When the NHS works well, it is wonderful, but this winter many patients are denied the treatment they need.

Have you seen the 38 degrees petition- asking the NHS to make more money available to restore full operating levels this month?
http://bit.ly/2Ckblmoyou can sign this petition via this link

Routine operations have been cancelled completely to allow the NHS to cope with the winter ‘crisis’ but this was an expected challenge for the NHS- and Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May ignored it.

Please sign the petition today. Apologies on TV from Mrs May and Hunt don’t cut it. People are struggling to work because the basic healthcare has been suspended. It isn’t good enough.
The Conservatives don’t care about people who are entitled to this care on the NHS.
We must make sure that Mrs May and the rest of her cabinet understand how much we need the NHS to keep us well- not just deal with us when we have an emergency.

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