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Local roads update- information about resurfacing schedules

by Jackie Porter on 14 July, 2017

I have been out and about with the local Highways Engineer. We have a regular programme of meet ups, usually every few months. We talk frankly about the works needed, balancing need, budget and safety.

It’s a good time to do this one, just at the end of the ‘old regime’ with Amey’s contract and just before Skanska start next month.

We regularly carry out a drive around of several hours which proves a really good way to talk about the problems as we drive between seeing the issues first hand.We finish up with a ‘to do’ list for each of us!

The Engineer’s knowledge of the area is excellent and the conversation is practical, honest and constructive. Some problems are smaller-like a sign felled by a vehicle: some more difficult- and expensive!

I try to cover one aspect in particular, and this time it was road resurfacing and drainage.

After days of dry weather the rain obligingly fell as we drive round-allowing us to see the effects of just a small amount of rain on the system. We looked at jet clearance of drains, who is responsible for cutting hedges and digging ditches and new drainage systems across the area. We looked especially at drainage at Tichborne Down, Micheldever and Sutton Scotney.

We looked too at roads where the surface is generally poor. The engineer will place them on lists for future scheduling, and after a period (sometimes of years) the work gets done.

The ‘trick’ is to get them on the list so that by the time they really need doing they are at the top!

One such example is London Road, in the Worthys. But it’s very difficult to do without major disruption of traffic and bus services. So I was very relieved to hear that my request for ‘night works’ has been accepted .
London Road is in this years programme and is currently scheduled for the end of October – it will be nightwork.

Fraser Road will hopefully be an 18/19 scheme – The County has flagged it as a priority site and when the detailed design is undertaken night working will be considered.

I have also asked for Itchen View, Itchen Stoke, and Rook Lane, Micheldever to be added to this ‘Operation Restore’ list, plus the section of Jacklyn’s Lane in Alresford at the junction of Robertson Road.

If you have a road that you think needs more than just a pot hole filled, please let me know. I may have missed it-and will add it to the ‘drive through’ next time!

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