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Drug strategy should be based on health, not criminalising users.

by Jackie Porter on 14 July, 2017

Drugs strategy without extra funding is doomed to fail
The Liberal Democrats have said the Government’s new Drugs Strategy is “doomed to fail,” after ministers revealed no additional cash for treatment and rehabilitation will be provided.

When asked whether additional funding would be provided, Home Office Minister Sarah Newton replied that the government was aiming instead to link up existing services in a “smarter way.”

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“This Drugs Strategy is doomed to fail.

“Rehabilitation services are already being stretched to breaking point, now the Government is expecting them to do more with less.

“It is a colossal wasted opportunity to rethink the failed war on drugs.

“The best way to address the public health disaster caused by drug dependence is to focus on rehabilitation instead of wasting millions criminalising users.”

Jackie Porter says,’ Just treating drug use as an ‘unlawful act’ will put us in the same position as we are now. There needs to be a massive public health campaign linked to drug health support if we are going to turn this round. The current system isn’t working well. I was told recently of a young person who was refused treatment ‘because it was a lifestyle choice’ .

This is wholly wrong. We must do everything we can to stop new users and wean others off drugs  through health programmes and continuous support.

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