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Another day, another Con-U turn on education offer to children

by Jackie Porter on 11 July, 2017

Tories look to U-turn on Free Schools

Jackie says, ‘After a manifesto that promised the world,  voters should look carefully at their promise and the reality. Voters made their decisions based on the manifesto. The lib Dem manifesto was carefully costed, but it appears the Conservative manifesto was based on nothing at all.’

In response to reports in The Times saying the government is poised to U-turn on its flagship manifesto commitment to build hundreds of free schools, the Liberal Democrats said this was entirely due to the Conservative war on the schools budget.

Layla Moran MP, Liberal Democrat shadow Education Secretary, said:

“Another day, another Conservative manifesto promise broken.

“The Conservatives told voters they would increase the schools budget by £4bn and build hundreds of new schools. Instead teachers are being laid off or told they will have yet another below inflation pay rise, while schools are shutting early and class sizes are rocketing.

“Children are suffering a worse education due to Theresa May’s disastrous economic mismanagement. Her extreme Brexit is hitting the economy, so public services are being slashed. Our children are paying the price for her failures.”

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