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Gypsy and Traveller Consultation: from 10th July to 4th September

by Jackie Porter on 28 June, 2017

WCC has announced the Publication of draft Traveller Development Plan for consultation

From their website: Following completion of the options consultation in May, to which over 100 comments were received, the Council has considered the responses together with the accommodation needs assessment and initial site assessments, undertaken by Opinion Research Services (ORS) and Peter Brett Associates (PBA) respectively in 2016.

The Council has also clarified whether the sites identified in the PBA site assessment study are actually available for traveller purposes. A number of the sites assessed are owned by Hampshire County Council, the County has since confirmed that its land and premises are not available for traveller use as they are required to be retained for operational purposes.

Given the identified need for 15 gypsy and traveller pitches and 24 travelling showpersons plots during the period 2016 -2031, the strategy proposed focusses on existing sites and the options available to meet the need. This has led the Council to propose a strategy which:-

* Safeguards existing sites
* Regularises suitable existing temporary sites
* Includes specific site allocation policies for the larger more complex sites in multiple ownerships

Cabinet (Local Plan) Committee to be held on 30 June 2017

Council’s Cabinet (Local Plan) Committee is being requested to agree the draft document for consultation at its meeting on 30 June
Supporting evidence can be viewed at

The consultation will commence on Monday 10 July until Monday 4 September and will include an online consultation which can be accessed at the Council’s consultation hub All consultees will be notified, together with those that have been involved to date, copies of documents will also be placed in local libraries.

After the close of the consultation the Council will assess the responses received, and report these together with any proposed changes to a future meeting of Cabinet (Local Plan) Committee.

Strategic Planning Team
01962 840 222

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