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General Election Results 2017

by Jackie Porter on 9 June, 2017

Thanks to my brilliant team! You are wonderful! (including those not in this picture, who couldn’t come along to the count)

The 2017 Election Result was as follows:

Steve BRINE – The Conservative Party Candidate (Steve Brine) 29,729

Mark CHALONER – Labour Party (Mark Chaloner) 6,007

Martin LYON – UK Independence Party (UKIP) (Martin Lyon) 695

Jackie PORTER – Liberal Democrats (Jackie Porter) 19,730

Teresa SKELTON – The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party (Website of Justice & Anti-Corruption Party) 149

Andrew WAINWRIGHT – Green Party (Andrew Wainwright) 846

The Conservatives won the seat, but with a much reduced majority.

Turnout was high at 78.98%

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our supporters and every single volunteer who helped in this campaign.We had an increased share of the vote, and the Liberal Democrats gained seats in the country overall, bringing the figure to 12..

Congratulations to the winner, Steve Brine and commiserations to everyone who worked so hard but didn’t win.

But what a turn of events! The whole country is thrown into turmoil as the Conservative party failed to reach a majority (they now have 318 seats) and we start the new day with the prospect of a Hung Parliament

TheLiberal Democrats have pledged (in their manifesto) not to go into coalition with the Conservative or Labour party.

Will we be back at the polling stations in years or just a few months’ time?



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