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A short film talking about our Lib Dem priorities: a better future for you

by Jackie Porter on 7 June, 2017

I want you to know how I will represent you. You can see the Lib Dem manifesto is a variety of accessible forms on www.libdems.org.uk

Representing any group of people is a great responsibility, but doing it really well is the challenge: empathising, acting and importantly listening.

Representing a County Council area of around 14000 people, or a constituency of around 70,000 needs the same skills, and the same understanding and leadership.

I have made this short film to cover just some of the manifesto policies and how I will reflect your views.

You can see the full (or at a glance) manifesto on www.libdems.org.uk including accessible versions.

Why not watch the film and let me know what you think?


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