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Cart and Horses Proposals- Bite the Bullet HCC- please don’t just ban the right turn!

by Jackie Porter on 16 March, 2017

You may have read the Hampshire County Council papers or seen the press release from HCC, which summarises the study for the proposed changes to the Cart and Horses junction.

Should we be accepting all three recommendations? The No Right Turn will bring even more problems for residents of the local area.

My thoughts are as follows:
I welcome the proposed speed reduction- it’s what was planned in the original plan- and what we campaigned for.
The u turn is something that should have been done long ago.

However, I do not agree with ‘no right turn’.
Stopping the right turn would potentially:-
* increase traffic on the very narrow Park Lane in Abbots Worthy as people use it as a roundabout,
* increase traffic on Lovedon lane junction, which is equally difficult for drivers and completely unlit, and
* increase traffic going into Winchester, which would make congestion and Winchester’s air quality even worse!

I have discussed it with residents today: we want HCC to ‘bite the bullet ‘ and seriously consider spending money on a roundabout here.

The executive Member, Cllr Humby, cites difficulty obtaining funds for this.

There is S106 money from the Barton Farm development: the first homes will be occupied in April- please use that!
There is CIL money in Winchester’s pot, and in the villages’ Parish pots too.
HCC always seems to find the money when it really needs it- I think this justifies spending the money.

I’ll be putting this to HCC today and at the meeting next week.
Others, including at least one of the deputees, are planning to be (and speak) at the meeting at 2pm next Thursday.


5 Responses

  1. Nicola Crombie says:

    Totally agree. A ‘no right turn’ is madness. Living in the old part of Kings Worthy near this junction, I use this nearly everyday to go to Winnal and the motorways and in all honesty I would use the route you have mentioned above, via Park Lane, to turn around rather than go into town! A roundabout is definitely what is needed.

  2. Rob says:

    Neutral on speed limit. No to right turn ban. Revised junction layout is better than previous as the rear end of vehicles used to overhang the northbound lane when turning right from London Road towards A34/M3. Motorists seem to be getting the hang of the junction over time. Give it more time to settle in.

  3. Caroline Kirkman says:

    The junction will never bed in properly – it’s against the normal rules of the road – so there will always be confusion. The only sensible alternative is a roundabout.

  4. Caroline says:

    I agree that some of the Barton Farm money should be spent on the junction. Kings Worthy will be significantly affected by additional traffic from Barton Farm and it would seem reasonable to offset some of the negative impact by improving the dangerous Cart & Horses junction. A roundabout please!

    Thank you for continuing to represent the interests of local residents Jackie.

  5. Robp says:

    For many years (before there was even an m3 and much more trafiic using the road) people managed to be patient enough to use this junction in a reasonable manner. A roundabout is a reasonable idea but sadly the only real alternative is traffic lights as people are unable to think without being told what to do. Barton Farm is a complete shambles and infrastructure needs to be looked at properly but is not to blame for problems at the junction due to impatience.

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