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A night out at the Cathedral… on 20th September

by Jackie Porter on 11 August, 2013

Why not join me for a night out at the Cathedral ?
You too can sleep outside under the stars as a sponsored guest of Winchester’s Big Sleep Out in the Cathedral Grounds on the 20th September,2013. Numbers are limited-so hurry!

Just grab your credit card, and register on their web page.

..and watch this video, created by Dominic Hiscock, one of our Lib Dem councillors, who was Mayor in 2009-10.

Thanks to the organisers- could this be starting a Winchester ‘tradition’ supporting the efforts of the Nightshelter, Emmaus, and Trinity?
We have done this before, was it 2009? I joined in the last sleep out- and because it was raining, slept under cardboard and bubble wrap under a tree for shelter…..

They say it’s lucky!
Awoke the next morning covered in plops of owl droppings!

It isn’t lucky for those that are really homeless though. This night out as a guest of the Cathedral is for a very good cause.
I’ll be setting up a sponsorship website in the next few days.

(My daughter has also slept outside to raise money for the homeless in London, under the arches of Waterloo bridge-probably more challenging than Winchester? But for just the same cause)

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